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Objectives After this course students 1) know and can describe theories and values that shape intercultural care and health promotion 2) can describe the health of immigrant/ migrant women by studies and statistics 3) understand immigrants´and migrants´ health promotion needs and health promotion priorities 4) can communicate with one childbearing immigrant woman and have capacity to provide her with the tools and motivation necessary to accomplish their emotional and physical health goals. 5) learn to interact with other students in English online Content Immigration/ migration and health and intercultural/ multicultural nursing and health promotion theories. Specific childbearing issues: family planning, nutrition during pregnancy, self-care after birth (rest, eat, exercise, seek help), postpartum depression, honor related violence, doula care, female genital mutilation (FGM), breastfeeding and child care etc. after birth. The course is 5 credits, but it will be possible to choose to do 1-5 depending on need and interest. Contactperson and contact information during the course. Pirjo Koski 15.3-21.4.2019 Anita Wikberg 22.4-31.5.2019


The course is free of charge for degree students and exchange students at universities of applied sciences and for path students at Open UAS. Open UAS students pay a fee determined by the Open UAS to the university of applied sciences that offers the course in question.

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15.03.2019 - 31.05.2019