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The applicants are selected in the order in which they register for the course. Competences: The student: - knows the different waste management and treatment methods -understand the hierarchy of waste management and the importance of wise resource usage and closing of the loop -is familiar with circular economy Content and working methods: The course is 100% virtual. The student is supposed to study the different issues and submit assignments before deadline. Information about the course will be provided by the teacher at latest on the same day as the course starts. Form of examination and criteria for assessment: Pass/Fail and formative feedback on the assignmnets are given. Course coordinator: Stefan Heinänen, stefan.heinanen(a)


The course is free of charge for degree students and exchange students at universities of applied sciences and for path students at Open UAS. Open UAS students pay a fee determined by the Open UAS to the university of applied sciences that offers the course in question. (45€)

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This site is now open to give you info about the course.
The period for application STARTS 18.03.2019!
Then you create an account and "sign up for this course" !
After your application, and just before the course opens, or on the very same day, 1.5.2019, you will be contacted by teacher for more information.

The period for application ends 23.4.2019.
NO information is send out before end of application period.
The course is self studies on Moodle, and you can sign via your HAKA password.
In case you do not have a HAKA password, please inform us when you apply on the application form.
Please, write name of your AMK/YH, and your studycode, when you apply.

If you have problems with application, please contact:
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01.05.2019 - 31.05.2019