Waste Management, 3 ECTS

This is a course within Campusonline and it is also open for openUAS students.

The applicants are selected in the order in which they register for the course.

The student:
- knows the different waste management and treatment methods
-understand the hierarchy of waste management and the importance of wise resource usage and closing of the loop
-is familiar with circular economy

Content and working methods:

The course is 100% virtual.
The student is supposed to study the different issues and submit assignments before deadline.

Information about the course will be provided by the teacher at latest on the same day as the course starts.

Form of examination and criteria for assessment:
Pass/Fail and formative feedback on the assignments are given.

Course coordinator:
Paloma Lucena Moya, Paloma.Lucena.Moya(a)novia.fi




16.10.2020 - 18.12.2020


Free of charge for Campusonline students. OpenUAS costs: 45€, free of charge for unemployed, Students and Novia staff.