Basics in internet of Things, 3 ECTS

Basics in Internet of Things, 3 cr

Basics hands-on knowledge in building and programming IoT systems.
IoT communication and wireless communication overview.

-What is IoT and the future

Basic IoT hands-on projects
- Getting to know Raspberry PI and cloud computing services for IoT
- Node-red visual programming and Dashboard
- Commercial platforms probably IoT-Ticket

Wireless technology
-Overview of the wireless technology used in IoT
-Hands on exercises using LoraWAN and commercial networks

Smart home
-Using cloud services and Raspberry Pi with smart sensors and devices to control your home.
-Using voice control with smart speakers or smartphones

Course start: Tuesday 3.11 at 16.30-18.

Course schedule:
Every Tuesdays from 16.30 – 18.00 on-line lectures will be held until week 51.
Participants are doing weekly the hands-on exercises in groups, at the time and location that suites them best.
Several timeslots are available weekly where the teacher is available.
Participants borrow equipment from the University during the course.

More detailed information about the course will be send out to participants by email before the course starts.

No prerequisites

Study material:
Lecturer's slides and handouts, on internet.

Reference book:
Exploring Raspberry Pi: Interfacing to the Real World with Embedded Linux by Derek Molloy

Methods and grounds for evaluation:
Participation in lectures and exercises is monitored.
An individual portfolio covering the excercises has to be made.

Evaluation criteria:
Fail (0)
Sufficient – Satisfactory (1-2)
Good – Very Good (3-4)
Excellent (5)

Hans Lindén,, mobile: 050 5954366




03.11.2020 - 31.12.2020


Course fee for this single course 45€. (15€/credit) Costs for OpenUAS is 15€/cr. You can complete a number of credits during a semester with a single payment of 100 euro. If you are a student this course is for free. We also offer free courses to unemployed ( until 31.12.2020) and Novia staff. Please contact if you have questions regarding this. A link for Payment will be send to you after start of course