360° of Strategic Business Communication, 5 ECTS

Target group:
People who aim for master Degree studies (MBA) and master degree students. 

Bachelor degree or students at final year of Bachelor studies.
Each students should have a good proficiency of English language, Internet connection and headset, be familiar with work on Moodle.

The aim of the course is to provide students with an understanding of the
role of communication in process of directing people in an organization.
Knowledge of integrated marketing communication (IMC).

Learning goals:
After the course the students will have an understanding of:
- Corporate internal communication
- Corporate external communication
- Integrated marketing communication
- Communication tools used in integrated marketing communication (IMC)


Mode of delivery:
Kick off Lecture ( Video conference) Monday Jan 11th 2021 at  15.00-16.30 (Finnish time). 

Lectures online:
Each week you will find lecture videos posted in Moodle introducing you to the key topics and
concepts covered that week.

These are designed to supplement the written theoretical material and help students apply the
knowledge, skills, and concepts learned.

Assignments & Final Written IMC Plan
Weekly assignments
Several smaller assignments will be due during the course, which are all designed to be
incorporated into one final integrated marketing communication plan which is turned in upon
completion of the course.

Final Communications Plan
Ultimately, you will submit a Final IMC Plan to the instructor as a written document with the idea that the plan will be given to your client as an implementable plan. You may choose to submit this final plan to your chosen client, but it is not mandatory.

The Pitch
Being able to present your ideas using persuasive and strategic communication techniques is
an important part of strategic and effective communication. Each student will create
presentation slides and pitch (present) their idea and plan (including the advertising examples
from assignment #6) in a 10 minute presentation. The students will record their presentation
videos that include both the slides and themselves and upload the video recording to Moodle.


Timetable and content of course:
Week 1.
Why You Should Care about Strategic Communication

Week 2. Who to Talk to & What to say?
-Stakeholder Analysis
-Owned, Earned, Paid Communication Channels
-Corporate internal and external communication strategies

Week 3. What´s IMC & Why do I need it?
- Overview of Communication
- Planning: Integrated
- Communication Plans
- Corporate Identity and Branding

Week 4. Where do I Start IMC Planning?
- Creative Briefs
- Target Audience Segmentation

Week 5. How to get My Message to the Audience?
- Media Planning & Selection of Effective
- Strategic Communication
- Touchpoints

Week 6. Will My Plan Work?
- Evaluation of Communication Plans
- International Considerations

Week 7. How to Sell Your Ideas & Plan.
- Using Your Skills in Pitching your  ideas to clients

More information will be sent to students after last date of application (4 January 2021)
15 students is required to start this course. 


 Registration closed. 






11.01.2021 - 28.02.2021


If you are a student and study via Campusonline this course is for free. Costs for Open UAS is 75€ (15€/cr). You can complete a number of credits during a semester with a single payment of 100 euro. Please contact oppnayh@novia.fi if you have questions regarding this. A link for Payment will be send for those who have to pay (Open UAS students) after start of course.