GIS in Bioeconomy 2, 5 cr

Good, general computer skills. Basic knowledge of GIS

Admission criteria and priorities in admission:
Applicants with a background in the bioeconomy or environmental
sectors are prioritized if the number of applicants is greater than 40.

After passing this course you will be confident in handling and
visualizing various kinds of raster data in QGIS.
You will also know how to perform a number of analyses using the
raster calculator and other tools and how to document your analyses.
You will be familiar with geospatial 3D data, it's production and uses
in bioeconomy and society at large.

Content and working methods:
The course is practice oriented
and includes a number of
demonstrations and exercises, based on open data and open source
software (QGIS 3) which the student can download for free.
The main themes during the course are:
- production and analysis of raster data (digital terrain models, image analysis)
- handling and visualization of 3D and lidar (laser) data.
The actual and potential use of drones in bioeconomy is also included in the course.

Access to a computer where QGIS is or can be installed is necessary.

Form of examination and criteria for assessment:
The course and each home assignments are graded on a scale Passed/
Not yet Passed. All assignments need to be passed for the course to be passed.

Course coordinator and contact: 
Romi Rancken,
mobile: +358504629714

If you have problems in signing up:
Please contact or


Lediga platser





15.01.2021 - 04.03.2021


If you are a student and study via Campusonline this course is for free. Costs for Open UAS is 75€ (15€/cr). You can complete a number of credits during a semester with a single payment of 100 euro. Please contact if you have questions regarding this. A link for Payment will be send for those who have to pay (Open UAS students) after start of course.