Songwriting and production for the Asian Music Industry, 4 cr

The target group for this course is students participating in the Campusonline network. Please, use your school email.
Other interested are invited to join via OpenUAS in Novia - please, fill the same form.

A course for musicians, producers and songwriters who want to learn more about writing songs for Japanese and Korean artists.


Course content

  • Typical styles, arrangements and forms for the songs.
  • The difference between J-pop (Japan) and K-pop ( South Korea)
  • The elements of the songs ( styles, tempo, form, rhythm, harmony, melody)
  • Vocal production ( The most important part?)


Previous knowledge

  • The students need to have former knowledge of writing/producing music in DAW ( music production software).


How we work

  • The course consists of online studies (by using Teams) with lectures and also personal feedback. 
  • Each student should write at least one song during the course with personal feedback and coaching.
  • The  language of the course is English.


First online meeting, via Teams, will be held on January 30 at 11.00-13.00 (finnish time)

Further information about schedule will be given by teacher.

All feedback and coaching will be given individually throughout the course, using e-mail and teams.


Equipment needed

Computer, mac or PC
DAW-software for music production and interface for recording, midikeyboard etc...
Teams platform

Hands on training in writing and producing music with online coaching from Janne Hyöty.
Janne is a multi-platinum award winning songwriter and producer with releases in Japan, Korea and Europe.


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30.01.2021 - 17.03.2021


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