Basic Mathematics for Nurses, 5 cr

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The course Basic Mathematics for Nurses is divided into 4 parts.
The course is 5 cr.
You can choose to take all 4 parts (5 cr) or to take only one or two parts according to information below.

The student will after completing the course be able to:
- know the basic mathematics used in the nursing field
- know how to do unit transformations
- know the basics of drug calculation


Content of course

Part 1 (1 cr)
In this section we concentrate on basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
You will learn how to do calculations with fractions and how to shorten and extend fractions.
We also learn how to solve simple equations. We then use the techniques on drug dosing calculations.

Part 2 (1cr)
In this section you will learn how to do unit conversion that are typical in drug calculations. You will learn the most common unit prefixes that are used in drug calculations.

Part 3 (2 cr)
In this section we do percentage calculations that are typical for drug calculations, and implement it especially on dilution calculations.

Part 4 ( 1cr)
In this section we do infusion calculations.

Learning methods:

The course will have four online sessions, (on webex) one for each part, with lectures and example calculations.
The course platform is Moodle

Date and Time for online sessions:
Thursday 25.3.2021
Thursday 8.4.2021 
Thursday 22.4.2021 and
Thursday 6.5.2021 all sessions held at 15.00 (Time in Finland) 

The teacher will send you more information after last date of application, 21.2.2021, and before start of course.

You can take part of instruction materials (videos, reading material, examples) and you can practice on interactive exercises.
The course has self correcting tests where you can test your progress in learning. 


Examination: Each part has an online test. You need 100% correct to pass.


Teacher: Katarina Sandström,


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01.03.2021 - 30.06.2021


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