Digital Project Management in Practice, 5 ECTS

This course has a SUMMER BREAK in July.

Target group:
People who aim for master Degree studies (MBA) and master degree students. 

Bachelor degree or students at final year of Bachelor studies.
Each student should have a good proficiency of English language, Internet connection and headset, be familiar with work on Moodle.

The aim of this course
is to give you an exciting, applied, and comprehensive view of the Project Management experience in today’s world.
The course examines the process of applied project management using defined project management disciplines as a means to understanding the day-to-day operational issues faced by those managing projects.

Learning goals:
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Define the characteristics and structure of a project.
  • Identify the common roles and responsibilities of project managers across multiple disciplines.
  • Understand current project management tools & techniques.
  • Explain the process of establishing metrics and performance benchmarks.
  • Describe and analyze risks associated with projects.
  • Develop an evaluation and assessment of a complex project.
  • Apply knowledge of project management in your industry and/or organization.


Mode of delivery:
Mandatory Online Live Kick-Off Lecture: Monday June 7th 2021, 15.30-17.00 (Finnish time)

Meet the instructor and your fellow students in a mandatory introductory lecture to be held on the first day of class.

Lectures online:
Each week you will find lecture videos posted in Moodle introducing you to the key topics and concepts covered that week.

These are designed to supplement the written theoretical material and help students apply the knowledge, skills, and concepts learned.


Assignments & Final Project Management Plan

Project Plan Proposal & Mentor Identification
Students will have the option to conduct a project or complete a comprehensive / in depth research for a project plan.
Students must identify and choose a project mentor for the project, which will serve as the main stakeholder.

Weekly reports
Each student will submit three weekly reports of what they have already accomplished, and what they further plan on accomplishing. Each report will also have a specific task related to the project management plan associated with them based on the material covered in class.

Project Management Plan
Ultimately, students will submit a final Project Management Plan to the instructor as a written document with the idea that it will be given to their client / mentor as an implementable plan. Students may choose to submit this final plan to their chosen client, but it is not mandatory.

During the final week of the course students will present their project plans via a recorded video presentation uploaded to Moodle. Presentations should be about 10-minutes and follow the outline of the project management plan with a closing section of lessons learned during the course. Students should use recorded videos with visual slides as support. Presentations will be graded on a pass / fail basis.


Timetable and content of course:
Week 1. Introduction to Project Management

  • Introduction to class and assignments
  • Definition of a Project and Project Management
  • Composition of a Project Plan
  • Weekly Report

Week 2. Role of a Project Manager

  • PM Role in organizations
  • Stakeholder Management: Effective Management & Leadership
  • HR Considerations
  • Project Selection Criteria

Week 3. Initiating a Project

  • Scope Management
  • Project Charter
  • Project Management Tools & Techniques
  • Cost Management
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

SUMMER BREAK: June 25, 2021 – August 1, 2021

Week 4. Planning a Project

  • Procurement Management
  • Risk Management
  • Communications Management

Week 5. Executing and Controlling a Project

  • Digital Project Management Tools
  • Change Management
  • Quality Management

Week 6. Closing a Project

  • Closing a Project & Post-Project Activities
  • Submission of Project Management Plan
  • Submission of Presentation

Assigned readings:
(PM) Watt, A (2014) Project Management. 2nd Edition. BCcampus. Victoria, B.C.:
Ebook ISBN 978-1-77420-013-1.
Available Online:

In addition to the book, each week you will be assigned relevant readings from both industry and academic publications. Those additional readings and supplemental materials will be posted in each of the weekly tabs in Moodle.


More information will be sent to students after last date of application (May 30, 2021)
15 students is required to start this course. 


Contact person and teacher:
Sonja Bickford:







07.06.2021 - 22.08.2021


CAMPUSONLINE students study for free. Please, apply with the email for your school. Costs for Open UAS is 75€ (15€/cr). Please contact if you have questions regarding this. A link for Payment will be send for those who have to pay (Open UAS students) after start of course.