Exploring the World of Digital Marketing Communication, 5 ECTS

Target group:
People who aim for master Degree studies (MBA) and master degree students. 

Bachelor degree or students at final year of Bachelor studies.
Each student should have a good proficiency of English language, Internet connection and headset, be familiar with work on Moodle.

The aim of this course is to provide students with an understanding and knowledge of digital marketing and its role in planned and strategic marketing communication. Students will also enrich their resume by obtaining a social media certification.

Learning goals:
After the course the students will have an understanding of:

  • Digital marketing channels
  • How to and why use digital marketing for different goals in media strategy
  • The latest digital ad technologies
  • How to develop, evaluate, and execute a digital marketing plan and strategy


Students will complete at least one, free, digital marketing certification during the course.

Mode of delivery:
Online Live Kick-Off Lecture: Monday May 3rd 2021, 15.30-17.00 (Finnish time)

Meet the instructor and your fellow students in a mandatory introductory lecture to be held on the first day of class.

Lectures online:
Each week you will find lecture videos posted in Moodle introducing you to the key topics and concepts covered that week.

These are designed to supplement the written theoretical material and help students apply the knowledge, skills, and concepts learned.

Assignments & Final Digital Media Marketing Plan

Weekly assignments
Several smaller assignments will be due during the course, which are all designed to be incorporated into one final digital marketing communication plan which is turned in upon completion of the course. Students will be focusing the work on a single local (to them) organization or company of their choice.


Final Digital Marketing Audit and Digital Marketing Communication Plan
(Pass / Fail)
Ultimately, they will submit a Final Digital Marketing Audit and Marketing Communication Strategy and Plan to the instructor as a written document with the idea that it will be given to their client as an implementable plan. They may choose to submit this final plan to their chosen client, but it is not mandatory.


Social media certification
During the course students are asked to complete at least one, free, digital marketing certification which can be listed on their resumes to show credibility of the knowledge and experience gained during the course.


Timetable and content of course:
Week 1. Introduction to Digital marketing & Communication

  • Introduction to class and assignments
  • Digital Marketing Channels

Week 2. Planning a Digital Marketing Campaign

  • Digital Marketing Audit and Creating a Plan
  • Communicator: Situational Analysis
  • Recipient: Target Audiences Analysis
  • Introduction to Experiential Learning Component

Week 3. What do I say Online?

  • Content Management: Considerations & Keeping Up with Posts and Content

Week 4. Planning Considerations & Constraints

  • Budgets, Timeline & Organizational Guidelines
  • Where do I post – digital marketing channels

Week 5. How to get My Message to the Audience & When?

  • Digital Marketing Plans Review
  • ROI of Social Media / Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Audits (Hootsuite Template)

Week 6. Will My Plan Work?

  • Submission of Final Social Media Plan & Facebook Page
  • Submission of Experiential Learning Assignment (Copy of Certification(s))






03.05.2021 - 13.06.2021


CAMPUSONLINE students study for free. Please, apply with the email for your school. Costs for Open UAS is 75€ (15€/cr). Please contact oppnayh@novia.fi if you have questions regarding this. A link for Payment will be send for those who have to pay (Open UAS students) after start of course.