Music Business & Administration, 4 ECTS

“Learn from award-winning songwriters and producers and work directly towards
the international music market in cooperation with “Lafo Songwriters Academy”


Target Group:
Songwriters, Producers, Top-liners, Musicians and Music teachers who wants to develop skills in songwriting on an international level.

Learning Goals:
After the course student will have a deeper knowledge in music business and administration.


Mode of delivery
The course stars with a “startup-camp” on location at Lappfjärds folkhögskola. It´s also possible to participate online.
The course continues online for the given time.



  • How to run a music business as a company
  • Metadata and DSP’s, aggregators
  • Songwriting copyright and rights organizations
  • Master copyright and rights organisations
  • Role of a Music Publisher – do I need one?
  • International situations, agreements and splits
  • The language of the course is English.



Approved / Failed
For approval active participation, completed tasks, active co-creation, and initiatives are counted.



Janne Hyöty,

Ann Slangar,






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06.11.2021 - 10.12.2021


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