Sustainable Development, 3 ECTS

The student:
- knows the key concepts and evolution of sustainable development
- knows the dimensions/pillars of sustainable development; ecological, economical, social and cultural
- is introduced to UN:s sustainable development goals (SDGs), their targets and indicators
- understand the interaction between SDGs and the importance of sustainable development
- recognizes his/her responsibility in regards to sustainable development


Course content:
The course covers the history of sustainable development and key concepts as well as ecological, economical, social, cultural and personal dimensions of sustainability.
The course is 100% virtual. The student completes assignments related to the content of the course.

Free of charge for CampsuOnline students, please use the mailingaddress for your school, not your private one.
OpenUAS 45€


More information is sent to participants after last date of application,  September 20th 2021


No previous knowledge requirements

Assessment criteria:
All assignments must be completed and approved

Stefan Heinänen,




27.09.2021 - 12.12.2021


45,00 €