Nursing Open Path Online, Bachelor of Health Care, Vaasa

This is Nursing Open Path Online, 30 credits, for Bachelor of Health Care (Nursing)

The Open Path Online is designed for you to give you an opportunity to get 30 credits in one academic year, and then have the chance to become a degree student.

All these courses are conducted online, and the courses and lectures are streamed Finnish time.

Applicants will be contacted by the teacher after last date of application (August 16)
Before starting up Online studies, and after last date of application, applicants (non-Finnish residents) will be asked to send a certified copy of passport.
Novia reserve the right to limit the amount of students. 

The compulsory courses for Nursing Open Path Online are: (every course 3 credits each)

NU15IA01 Introduction to Studies at Novia UAS
NU15IA02 Swedish for Beginners
NU15RM01 Integral Aspects of Nursing Research
NU15BM01 Anatomy and Physiology 1
NU15BM02 Anatomy and Physiology 2
NU16BM03 Clinical Microbiology
NU11BM04 Pathophysiology for Nurses 1
NU15HS01 Health Care and Social Welfare
NU15HS02 Health Promotion and Illness Prevention
NU15PH01 Drug therapy 1

Novia UAS reserves the right to change the courses offered in this Open Path Online. Students will be informed well in advance.

Important information:

 What happens after completed 30 ECTS?
Students that have completed 30 ECTS credits within the Open Path Online programme at Novia, can apply for degree studies in the joint application 2021 in a separate quota.
The Nursing programme offers 5 study places in the quota reserved for students that meet the following admission requirements:
1) all specified 30 ECTS are approved within the  Open Path Online programme, not later than January 2021,
2) have a mean grade of 2.5 on the grading scale 1-5
3) Eligibility for bachelor´s level studies.

Notice: the admission requirements may be subject to change, please see for accurate information.

As n open student you are not entitled to any social benefits - read more about general issues concerning open studies here:



If you are in need of a future visa or residence permit to stay in Finland you should be aware of that Open Studies will not entitle a foreign citizen to get an entry visa or residence permit.
For further information, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service,


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01.08.2020 - 31.07.2021


Costs: A total sum of 200€.